Advanced Information Architecture

I am going to be developing an online course in Advanced Information Architecture for Kent State’s IAKM program. The course is a 7 week asynchronous course that will be taught online in Oct, following a 7 week Intro to IA course currently being developed by Paul Sherman.

I’m beginning to think through the kinds of things that need to be included in such a class and I’m eager for input from others about what they’d like to see covered in this type of class. One of the things I’m really struggling with is coming up with an appropriate text for the course. I’ll definitely continue sharing my thought process here as I work on the course development.

Initial thoughts are that I want to cover some online research techniques such as Optimal Workshop’s Tree Jacking and Stormboard’s online post-it note system.

Stay tuned for more info–and please chime in with ideas and opinions!


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