Akron UX Meetup Calendar 2014

Somehow fall snowballed into the holiday season and it’s now the polar vortex season.  The Akron UX meetup is kicking into gear–we met at Panini’s on Kent on January 14 and discussed the idea of starting an informal book club. We’re currently running a survey to select our first book, which we will discuss in April.

Most of our meetings this year will move back and forth between two wonderful spaces in Akron and Kent. We’ll be at the OSC Tech Lab, a co-working space in Akron and IdeaBase (formerly The Tannery) in Kent.

Meetings are tentatively scheduled as follows:
  • Feb 11- Akron – Jonathan Morgan will speak on ubiquitous computing in retail environments. We’re getting a sneak peak at the talk he’ll be giving at World IA Day in Ann Arbor, MI on Feb 15!
  • Mar 11- Kent – Brian Buirge and Jason Bacher of GFDA fame will tell us about their cross-country adventure spreading the gospel of good design advice!
  • Apr 8 – Akron – Book club discussion & networking
  • May 13 – Kent
  • June 10 -Akron
  • July 8- Kent
  • Aug 12-Akron
  • Sept 9-Kent
  • Oct 14-Akron
  • Nov 11-Kent: we may reschedule this meeting to correspond with World Usability Day which is on Nov 13
  • Dec 9 -Akron: we will probably schedule this meeting at a local restaurant

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