A Taxonomy Glitch

We’ve all been there–wracking our brains to come up with a descriptive label for a category and finding that the easiest way to describe the set is by what it ISN’T. Ideally in a carefully designed information architecture this will be relegated to iterative draft work and not make it into the live version of the site or application. But sometimes websites wind up airing their dirty laundry in public.

This particular IA fail may have been a disconnect between the Content Management System (CMS) taxonomy and the UI Designer. My guess is that there are limited stock items that are not part of the regular product catalog and are essentially “orphans,” but the CMS probably doesn’t support orphaned pages, hence the brute force category “Marketing Groups”–and then the delightfully awful “NOT Food and Drink.”


The good news is that this is really only revealed in the breadcrumbs–it’s not as though users will be browsing “Marketing Groups” (although it is funny to imagine *that* TreeJack test).

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